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[gopher] Re: The road ahead


>I don't think we should even have that.  I think of Gopher as a global
>filesystem -- you're "mounting world" when you browser gopherspace. 
>People can look at it with all sorts of different interfaces just like
>you can with, eg, NFS.

If this is what Gopher is truly about, then maybe we're going about 
designing clients the wrong way.

Maybe we should figure out how to mount a gopherhole as a networked 
drive (mounted readonly) and just let people use their OS of choice 
to browse, search, index, and open files - whatever they do with the 
files on their own drive - other than writing - can be done on a 

If that's what Gopher is *really* about.

...and I'm really cool with that notion - it makes a far better 
distinction from the web than many popular conceptions of what gopher 


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