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[gopher] Re: \n.\n


I would fully support this if you can explain to me how a gopher 
client is supposed to 'know' when the end of a file is and closes the 

I don't know much about server design and certainly about this 
implementation (yet), but I do understand that the gopher0 and + spec 
indicated that the reason for \n.\n is to indicate EOF.


>I would like to abolish the adding of "." at the end of text gopher
>documents.  Since we have most of the world's gopher client and server
>authors in this group, we can do it :-)
>All gopher servers MUST NOT add a "\n.\n" end-of-file marker to files
>being transmitted.
>All gopher clients MUST NOT remove "\n.\n" from the end of files.
>Note: I say this for clients to because we don't want to have to deal
>with the case of having a file that ends with a dot.

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