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[gopher] Re: UMN Gopher on Mac OSX

Wow!  David, thanks for reporting the progress you've made on this. I 
would never have guessed that, although I was suspicious about the 
coincidence between regex.h and Regex.h.

>OK, so here's the main problem, which anybody familiar with C isn't
>going to believe.  :)

Well, now that you explained it, I believe it.  You see, HFS is a 
case-insensitive FS, (as John's post mentioned) so however Apple's 
flavour of gcc (which, BTW, is rolled into the same source tree all 
gcc's use) is programmed, they decided to be blind to case 

Bummer.  I would give anything to run OS X on UFS, largely for this 
reason, but the last time I tried, performance was *severely* 
degraded. :(  'course, they may have fixed that in the last 3-4 
releases, but I haven't had a spare partition to try it out with...

guess I'll submit this bug report to Apple.  :)

and that uptime one too... if I can replicate it on my system.
Robert Hahn,
Quarry Integrated Communications
(519)743-4300 x2235

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