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[gopher] Re: Gopher wishlist

I have not tried out that particular download; I guess I was awaiting 
some sort of announcement containing gopher 3.0.3 or some explicit 
notification that Mac OS X support was working. oops. :)

At any rate, I'm on Mac OS X, not FreeBSD. I tried the patches that 
were posted by Kris on January 26, which fixed many of the problems 
related to malloc.h and other header files, but it still died in the 
same spot you pointed out in the email posted on Jan 27 where it died 
compiling (imho) Regex.h (included by GSgopherobj.c) because config.h 
and regex.h was "nested too deep".

I don't know how to fix things like that, and it sounded to me like 
you were able to get the resources to try and fix it, so I left you 
alone.  If you do want help, I would be pleased to offer what little 
aid I can.  I was thinking of emailing that error to Apple and seeing 
what they make of it.  They have, I believe, lines of communication 
open to talk about just these kinds of issues.

see ya,

>Did you ever try out gopher-cvs-20020127.tar.gz?  I think that version
>is the one with the patches to fix your problems.  (You're on FreeBSD,

Robert Hahn,
Quarry Integrated Communications
(519)743-4300 x2235

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