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How to "EXPLODE" your Business?

Title: How to "EXPLODE" your Business?

Please read carefully because this
letter will not be repeated.

Dear Sir / Madam,
Of course referring people to your website will help.
But will it create Thousands of Dollars for you?
No, it will not.
This means you'll have to work for it.
Here follows a short description on how you can made your business EXPLODE:

1) Product 1: ($15 one-time-payment): Email Address Finder.
It extracts thousands of email-addresses from the Internet.
You can send those people an email about your business.

2) Product 2: ($15 one-time-payment): Email Filtering Software.
It throws away the bad or invalid email-addresses for you.
Thus you have the guarantee that the email-addresses you use do have a HIGH QUALITY, do really exist.

3) Product 3: ($79.95 one-time payment): Bulk-Mail Sending Program.
This program sends your first promotional letter about your business to THOUSANDS of people at once with the click of just one button.

4) Product 4: ($49.95 one-time payment): Autoresponder.
After you have sent your first promotional letter you need to send some follow-up-letters (= reminders) to really convince those people to buy from you.
These follow-up-letters are absolutely essential.
This autoresponder will do all that work for you 100% AUTOMATICALLY
Actually it's your personal automatic SALES-EMPLOYEE really "SELLING" your business for you. It will do that while you're on VACATION, ASLEEP or SPORTING.

We can guarantee you that by availing these 4 fully automatic QUALITY- programs and by really USING them; you will earn a high income with your business.
If that's your goal then we would like to invite you to visit our website:


(Double click on the Internet-address or copy and paste it into your internet-browser.)

Auto-reply.net Incorporated was founded in 1992 and already has more than 40,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

We hope to welcome you soon as our satisfied customer also.

Thanks very much for your interest.

John Van DraaLen Sr.
Auto-reply.net Inc.

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