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Bug#315662: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#315662: right-click menu in missing after upgrade

On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 05:12:31AM +0300, uri milman wrote:
> Simon Huggins wrote:
> >'ello uri
> >You must have broken it somehow then by say using the os-works packages.
> >
> >4.0.x never used .config so if you had done what you say you've done
> >then you wouldn't have ended up with a broken config as far as I can
> >tell.
> I guess that is the problem. I'm working with multiple computers via 
> NIS, and on one of them I once installed a distro with os-works packages.


> About the icons set:

> I've used icon set named Curve. The additional themes are: Crystal, 
> FreeIcons, Noia, Xfce, BeOS, Lush, sky.

> In the 4.2 version, I got those themes: hicolor, Crystal SVG beta1, 
> beta2, Gnome, Gnome, Rodant.

> Since the themes are not compatible, no wonder I found myself in a 
> different icon set.

Yeah :(

Are you happy if I close this bug then?  It looks like the config files
from a different version have confused your install.


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