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Compiz cube - two questions


Hello there,


years ago Shame has answered me to the questions mentioned below. Meanwhile I've lost his mails because of a robbery, all my equipment has been stolen and I've had an outdoor backup only for my business data but none with private content (You think me to be an idiot? You're right.)


My 1st question was and is again: How to stop the cube = let it rest in any position if the rotation was initiated by the mouse?


The 2nd question was and is again: How to make the cube rotate endlessly (until a keyboard stroke, e.g. an ESC)? This is to be used as a simple screensaver and I liked it (todays screensaver plugin seems to be uninstallable as there are no instructions for make; it doesn't work and I found that others have reported the same).


All I remember is that both solutions were quite simple. Shame told me to save a certain command line (general options - commands) and bind a key. This was his answer for my question concerning the screensaver, maybe I'm wrong in details.


Would you help me again, please? Thanks a lot! And sorry for my crude English, I'm a grey-haired German and can't remember my last lesson at school <g>


Kind regards

- Andreas -

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