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 What does extra memory also known as ram (random asscess memory) do?
Added memory(ram) manages system memory, the paging file, and the way in which virtual memory is treated in order to maximize performance.  It recovers RAM not currently needed by the operating system and applications, and recovers memory leaked by applications.   It also can temporarily flush unused DLLs and libraries out to disk to make room for your big applications and games (these come back transparently when needed).  On Windows9X, it also adjusts the system caching in order to better target the way you use your particular machine.  This can improve disk performance, gaming performance, and can prevent buffer under-runs that interfere with, for example, burning CDs.

 I'm not a Technical person...  save the geek-speak and just tell me how to use it effectively!
 After exiting a memory-hungry program or before launching a new one, press the hotkey (CTRL-ALT-M) to recover and defragment your RAM.  In a matter of seconds your system should have that "just booted" feel!

 Can extra memory make my system unstable?
No.  If anything, because it increases the amount of memory available to applications, your system should become more stable.

 Why do I get "Low Virtual Memory" pop-ups under Windows NT?
Your page file size is too small for proper performance.  Take the system's advice, and increase your paging file size in your system properties.

 Can anything recover memory leaks?
While not much can recover them from the address space (the application would fault if it did indeed try to use that memory at some point) it can recover the physical RAM leaked, making it available for use by the operating system and other applications.

 Can extra memory improve gaming performance?
Yes.  Let's say you start a game, and part way in, it suddenly demands memory for graphics, etc.  Without extra memory(ram) your system would visibly pause as other applications and parts of the operating system were page-faulted out to make room.

 How does extra memory prevent buffer underruns while burning CDs?
In the Windows9X  it adjusts the system file caching to ensure that enough cache is set aside so that the data you are burning to a CD is available, rather than having to fight with the CD on the I/O bus for the next block of data.

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