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ATI all in wonder radeon, XF86Setup

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hi debian-x,
I can't configure my video card with XF86Setup under last stable (debian 2.2r6 i386)
Mode Selection : selected all from 640x480 up to 1280x1024, 8 bits/pixel
Monitor : Multi-frequency 1280x1024 76 Hz
Card : VGA16, SVGA, Mach64 (I tried each of these), with lots of options for each ATI card.
The result is always a black screen, and I must stop X.
PS : I know that for opengl, hardware acceleration I have to install Xfree 4.1.0 + DRI + etc ...
I'm not yet confident enought to do these.
I just need to run X, Kde, Gnome, and compile new kernel 2.4.
thank you

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