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New machine

Good morning,

We have completed a project for boxes used to transport new car components for one of our customers.

Our activities included supervision over the production of the prototype and test verification of the developed boxes.

The team faced the challenge of building a fully functioning kinematic model, finding suitable materials and production techniques to enable the cost-effective and fairly simple production of large numbers of boxes.

Together with models of the parts that would be transported in the designed boxes and documentation describing all the customer's requirements, we prepared an initial concept in 3D that reflected the customer's vision and expectations.

Thanks to the combination of design and prototype production at one supplier, the customer received a product that met all the needs, taking into account the changes that occurred during the process.

We know what actions to take to reduce production costs while increasing quality and guaranteeing production continuity.

It is worth talking about the situation in your company and what we can do to help. When can I call?

Best regards
Adam Fonda

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