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Advice for solopreneurs [Article Pitch]


I’m so excited by the rise in “solopreneurs” like me! It’s been incredibly rewarding to grow my side gig into a full-time pursuit.

Still, I’ve learned that solopreneurs don’t have to do it completely on their own. Working with freelancers and the right software helps offload certain tasks so solopreneurs have time to focus on more important business matters.

On that note: Can I write an article for you to use on your site that offers helpful tips for solopreneurs on the kinds of freelance and tech-based help that can boost their businesses? With everything going on right now, I think a lot of people are exploring their options for starting their own business, so it could really help your readers.

Let me know what you think, and thanks in advance!



Courtney Rosenfeld :: courtney@gigspark.biz :: gigspark.biz

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