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3.1.1 The Document object

The WHATWG DOM standard defines a Document interface, which this specification extends significantly.

enum DocumentReadyState { "loading", "interactive", "complete" }; typedef (HTMLScriptElement or SVGScriptElement) HTMLOrSVGScriptElement; [OverrideBuiltins] partial interface Document { // resource metadata management [PutForwards=href, Unforgeable] readonly attribute Location? location; attribute USVString domain; readonly attribute USVString referrer; attribute USVString cookie; readonly attribute DOMString lastModified; readonly attribute DocumentReadyState readyState; // DOM tree accessors getter object (DOMString name); [CEReactions] attribute DOMString title; [CEReactions] attribute DOMString dir; [CEReactions] attribute HTMLElement? body; readonly attribute HTMLHeadElement? head; [SameObject] readonly attribute HTMLCollection images; [SameObject] readonly attribute HTMLCollection embeds; [SameObject] readonly attribute HTMLCollection plugins; [SameObject] readonly attribute HTMLCollection links; [SameObject] readonly attribute HTMLCollection forms; [SameObject] readonly attribute HTMLCollection scripts; NodeList getElementsByName(DOMString elementName); readonly attribute HTMLOrSVGScriptElement? currentScript; // classic scripts in a document tree only // dynamic markup insertion [CEReactions] Document open(optional DOMString unused1, optional DOMString unused2); // both arguments are ignored WindowProxy open(USVString url, DOMString name, DOMString features); [CEReactions] void close(); [CEReactions] void write(DOMString... text); [CEReactions] void writeln(DOMString... text); // user interaction readonly attribute WindowProxy? defaultView; readonly attribute Element? activeElement; boolean hasFocus(); [CEReactions] attribute DOMString designMode; [CEReactions] boolean execCommand(DOMString commandId, optional boolean showUI = false, optional DOMString value = ""); boolean queryCommandEnabled(DOMString commandId); boolean queryCommandIndeterm(DOMString commandId); boolean queryCommandState(DOMString commandId); boolean queryCommandSupported(DOMString commandId); DOMString queryCommandValue(DOMString commandId); // special event handler IDL attributes that only apply to Document objects [LenientThis] attribute EventHandler onreadystatechange; }; Document includes GlobalEventHandlers; Document includes DocumentAndElementEventHandlers;

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