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Bug#819664: Re-organise the CD / download pages to make them more useful

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: important

As pointed out in


, we may be giving links to download ISO images but we're not giving
*any* useful information about the checksums and signatures for those
images in pages like


As we're trying to educate users to verify their downloads more, we
really need to do better here. For many (most?) people that page is
already a wall of text, so just adding more stuff there won't help.

>From other discussions with users in debian-user and elsewhere, I
think we actually have *too many* pages describing how to download
ISOs etc., and it's becoming a pain to keep up with them all and keep
them all updated in sync. It's very easy for people to find
outdated/misleading/confusing pages that put them off.

So, I'd like to suggest a new, much simplified strategy:

 * *Remove* the direct link on the front page to the multi-arch
   netinst I'd argue that we *don't* need a direct link on the front
   page, and it's a dis-service to users who may download it and then
   not know what to do to verify etc.

 * Replace that link with a link to a simple "Download" page which
   gives *simple* instructions and links. This would be similar to
   what we have at https://www.debian.org/distrib/ , but we also need
   to re-org that page and make it prettier and clearer, add some
   graphics etc.:

    Download Debian

    Debian is [ ... ]

    	 GRAPHIC 1    	      		    GRAPHIC 2
	 (picture of installer)		    (picture of desktop)
      * Download installer		* Download live image
        ==================             	  ===================
	+ (link to m-a netinst?)	  + link to favoured 64-bit image
      	+ link to 64-bit netinst	  + link to favoured 32-bit image
 	+ link to 32-bit netinst
	+ more... (link to page with     + more... (link to page with
	  more architecture options,	   more architecture options,
	  download options, etc.)          download options, etc.)

                                  (CENTERED, in a box?)
 	      	       GRAPHIC 3
	               (picture of checksums / padlock etc.)
                      * Verify your download
                        (simple rationale and instructions,
                         link to page with more details)

        GRAPHIC 4                         GRAPHIC 5
	(picture of USB stick)		  (picture of CD/DVD media)
      * How to write to USB             * How to write to optical media
        ===================               =============================
        (simple instructions,		  (simple instructions,
         link to pages with more	   link to pages with more
	 details)      	    		   details)

 * Re-organise all the other pages to act as the subsidiary pages
   mentioned here, removing the redundancy that's biting us and
   hurting users.


Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"... the premise [is] that privacy is about hiding a wrong. It's not.
 Privacy is an inherent human right, and a requirement for maintaining
 the human condition with dignity and respect."
  -- Bruce Schneier

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