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Govt. Nursing Question

Hi Webmaster,

I created onlinenursepractitionerprograms.com/governmental-resources 
and it is what I believe to be the definitive list of governmental 
nursing resources on the web, and published it earlier this week. Do you mind 
taking a look and adding it to your resource page, http://www.dmoz.org/Health/Nursing/Employment/Recruitment_and_Staffing/

In the resource you’ll notice that I link to every state nursing 
board in the US, all major professional nursing associations, as well as a 
comprehensive list of other nursing, education, and education funding resources.  
Creating this resource has become a fun project of mine, and I think it serves 
as a great long term resource for anyone looking for governmental 
nursing resources.  I would greatly appreciate any feedback, and hope you 
will find it as a useful addition to your site. 

Thanks for taking a look!

Gina Holstead :)

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