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Re: Bug#510894: (www.debian.org: DWN Index for 2007 also shows 2006 issues)

On Mon, 25 Apr 2011 14:06:13 +0000
David Prévot wrote:

> Great, thanks for digging it, I also applied your patch to
> english/template/debian/projectnews/index.wml so it works also for the
> 2009 (but it doesn't work for the current year, of course, not sure it's
> really an issue anyway, let's draft another DPN to grow this list).

I now found what this says, thought it's a symlink of the current year's :-p

get_weeklynews_list takes arguments as:
	my ($year, $eng_dir, $match, $noyear, $count, $stopat, $reccount, $trans_dir, $latest) = @_;

get_weeklynews_list ('$(CUR_YEAR)', '$(ENGLISHDIR)/News/weekly', '\d+', '', '', 10)

get_weeklynews_list (2011, '$(ENGLISHDIR)/News/weekly', '\d+', 1)

year's indexes pass a $noyear and latest doesn't, so let's use it
change from
	if ($year == $currentyear && $count < 10 && $reccount < 3 ) {
	if (!$noyear && $count < 10 && $reccount < 3 ) {
and current year's index won't have last year's news any more :D

no need to CC me :-)

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