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Re: Debian Wiki license.

Franklin PIAT <fpiat@bigfoot.com> wrote:
> If someone can confirm that the page wiki.debian.org/copyright.html
> never existed, could we consider that the license of http://debian.org
> was the one applicable to the wiki at that time ? (based on the fact
> that wiki.debian.org is a child domain of debian.org).

No.  Also, wiki.debian.org used to be in another domain (debian.net or
was it even somewhere else?).

> I ask because I think it might be very convenient to have the same
> license for www.d.o and wiki.d.o. [...]

Why?  We've been trying to relicense www.d.o to something that meets
the DFSG in fits and starts for years (bugs.debian.org/238245 and
others).  Please don't make that bug bigger.

I have no strong feelings on the other issues.  wiki.d.o confuses me
(see past list posts), so I don't have much interest in it, other than
stopping it causing me other problems.

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