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I would like to be listed in the web page
http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/#it of the site www.debian.org as Debian
CD/DVD vendor.
To this purpose I provide you the requested data:
Vendor name: Michele De Blasiis
Vendor URL: www.olysy.eu  
Contribute with donation to Debian: yes
Kind of CD sold: Official CD
Kind of DVD sold: Official DVD
Country: Italy
Expedition: Yes, all over the word  
URL of a web page which furnish information about CD/DVD sold:
e-mail address for orders: debian@olysys.eu 
Architectures for which CD/DVD are sold: Intel x86, IA 64, Motorola 68K, Sun
SPARK, Apha, Motorola/IBM PowerPC, ARM, MIPS CPU, HP PA-RISC, S/390
thank you very much.
Michele De Blasiis
e-mail: debian@olysys.eu; info@olysys.eu 
address: Via Antonio Silvani 32 ? 00139 Roma - Italy

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