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Request To Exchange Debian Links.


I was browsing DMOZ.ORG and noticed your site.

I manage a project which lists quality Debian reference books and tutorials that are offered as free downloads. My aim is to eventually list 100's of such books.

I'm contacting you to ask you to consider adding our link on your website.

Title = Debian Books
Short Description = A collection of  Debian books and tutorials available for free download
URL = "" href="http://www.linux-books.us/debian.php" target="_blank">http://www.linux-books.us/debian.php


For me, working on this project is a source of great personal satisfaction. Knowing that I’m helping to build something which will give back to the user community for years to come.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Regards - Mohd Adnan

(PS: If you would like us to add a reciprocal link to your site, I would be happy to oblige. Please let me know your preferred wording.)

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