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Re: FW: Debian Installation ISO DVD Image Files

El miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2006 11:08, Robert J. A. Fernandes. escribió:
> Hi Mihira,
> Thank you very much for your email.
> But my problem is when I download the DVD ISO Files it showing me only
> 372 MB for 1st ISO and 2nd ISO it's showing me 127MB is this right size.
> That's what I want to confirm with you.
> IS that the same size of the both ISO files what I have downloaded, even
> I tried 2-3 times again & again it's the same size & I think no problem
> in my internet downloads, its even fast download.
> I think I should burn these ISO files on DVD's then I should try &
> install right?

	No.  You are trying to download them with IE or something, right? You need 
some software that correctly address the fact that you are downloading a 
*large* file, like curl or wget (I do not know if Firefox will do the trick).  
The problem is that your software hasn't got large file support, and it sees 
anything of '4 GB + some MB' as being only 'some MB' (ignoring the first 4 
GB).  Your symptoms say by themselves.

	The entry for this issue in our FAQ is:


	Best regards,

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