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Bug#234358: Please add another link to m68k-build to the m68k port page

> > **************************************************************************
> > The m68k-build address should be added to the 'status' section, under
> > "The Debian/68k autobuild system contains up to date information about the
> > porting effort."
> > **************************************************************************
> Hmm, this seems to be rather silly. The address is already down under
> "Contact". If someone is already at this page, I think he
> should be able to figure this out. From the report above I would rather

Evidently, the link at the bottom of the page is often overlooked. Plus,
'the m68k porters list' could benefit from adding that this list also
deals with autobuilder issues. In fact, the list deals almost exclusively
with autobuild stuff at this time.


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