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urgent Assistance

I was thrown into jail October 18, 1998 after the sudden death of my younger brother, The then Military Head of State, General Sani Abacha.Thank goodness, I have just been released, only that I am restricted within my home precinct until November 1, 2002 when I shall be free to move about.

I was an oil merchant and made all my futune through it. Unfortunately,
in the course of my detention, all that were traceable by Federal agents were confiscated through campaign of calumny against the entire Estate of Abachas.

By providence, I have an amount deposited with a security Company in Europe a little while before my incaceration.This amount was not located due to the nature of the deposit.But sporadic efforts are continually being made to locate what belongs to Abachas'The Security Company in sympathy has asked me to move the money out immediately, but I don't want to cash into panic, rather, I simply told them that the fund was payment to someone which was a lapse on my Accountant not to have concluded the transaction.

Though,I had business partners previously but they failled to support my family during my absence, hence I want you to be my new partner to assist in claiming this money from Europe as the person that was owed the amount in the past. To facilitate this, provide the following information to my family lawyer.

 i.Your names
 ii.Your tel/fax numbers
 iii. Your City/country of abode.

 Upon this, the lawyer will give you all details that will enable you claim the money, and also inform the Security Company to pay you this amount owed you since 1998. If you co-operate with the lawyer, I shall give you us$5.0million for your role while you suprintend over the balance until my arrival. The total amount is us$35.0million. If you cannot accomodate all the money at ones,the Security company will pay you us$5.0million every two weeks.

Please protect me by treating the entire matter confidential.

Send your reply to my lawyer:
Barrister Peter Ogo :  peterogo@lycos.com   or  barristerpeterogo@lawyer.com

 Hoping to have an enduring relationship with you. Zakari Ibrahim

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