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business proposal

dear sir,

Compliment of the season to you, I write to solicite
your favour not minding that we have not known each
other before  puting this proposal to you.

In brief introduction, I am MR. HARRY KONGOLO son of
MR.KONGOLO SESE SEKO a senior brother of the late

Presently, we are in ACCRA-GHANA WEST-AFRICA in the
status of refugee. My late father recently passed away
three month ago after a terrible ill health
here in Ghana. 

However, I got your contact from a leading trade
magazine in which your business organization was

Again to be precise and straight to you, my father
was unable to face the advancing rebel forces of the
former President Laurent Kabila. That was why we
flew to Ghana on exile, where terrible ill health
really put my father in sick bed for three months and
knowing of his health standard he me keys of
boxses containing  the sum of USD$37,Million(Thirty
Seven Million United States Dollars)which he deposited
with a security company for safe keeping.


I am contacting you based on conveying the money for
me and my family, to a more politicaly stable country
like yours and I will appreciate your effort
in searching and recommend some viable investment
areas in your country for joint partnership with you.

I promise to offer you whatever amount of percentage
up to 25% of your desire as commission as soon as you
are able to prove to us your ability to
convey this money and your trustworthy partner to
us, when this money will be under your care, because
we are not at all knowledgeable in the business

Please, mail or telephone me introducing yourself
and your business intrest to enable us know ourselves
and discuss further on how to meet. Further, you
ill be furnished with the particulars regarding the
deposit of the boxesas soon as I read from you of your
intrest. Please I will also appreciate your
confidentiality in the whole transaction as the hope
of the family is hanged on this. 

Finaly, I believe that you will accept this proposal
in good faith and provide immediate response. 

Thanking you for anticipated co-operation and

Best Regards. 

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