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"Missing" mailinglist tags Re: "Rom?n?u4w==" or "Rom&acirc;n&#259;" , which is correct? (fwd) *Install* page loads in Slovak -D CUR_LOCALE considered harmful (was: webwml failed) 2byte-characters (was: webwml failed) Re: Prevoðenje Prevođenje [ Re: [SECURITY] [DSA-058-1] exim printf format attack] [PATCH] translation-check seems broken [ Cron <csmall@pandora> /org/] Re: About Not working links on my mirror!!!! all of the web pages will now have a mirror list. broken link: Debian GNU/Linux: Guide to Installation and Usage Re: Bug#100148: Over dependency on main server Bug#100606: Bad HTML on pages Bug#100606: marked as done (Bad HTML on pages) Bug#100641: bugs.d.o, packages.d.o: broken again for packages with + in name Bug#100741: Grammar not in package pages Bug#100816: garbage on Bug#102081: Something about a missing kernel-headers package Bug#102105: List of FTP maintainers at /distrib/ is out of date Bug#102214: package page should offer link to changelog.Debian ! Bug#102344: Bug in glimpse ( Bug#102625: the script at is buggy Re: the CGIs Contact page not up to date about CD vendors? CVS problems? Re: CVS webwml/english/distrib Re: CVS webwml/english/template/debian Re: Debian key signing coordination page: update the debian website Re: Debian WWW CVS: brinkmd Re: Debian WWW CVS: finnish Re: Debian WWW CVS: french Re: Debian WWW CVS: joey Re: Debian WWW CVS: joey (sitemap and Chinese) Re: Debian WWW CVS: joy Re: Debian WWW CVS: korean download archives Duplicated messages DWN translation (was: Debian WWW CVS: joey) emacs wml-mode? error at ? events/1999/ failed to allocate buffer hash table Re: Graphics Links Re: Help needed with intl/l10n/Makefile Re: How are the translations included in the mailinglist subscription page? How does FORCE work? Re: Inconsistent list info incorrect URL for the FTP site Re: language problem Language sorting links listarchives address =~ s/packages\.// mailing list listmaster broken Re: FW: The main page Mirror list sort broken Mirror thingie in every page navbar images netscape 4. and New Makefile in i18n/l10n broken (was: webwml failed) Packages Web Info please add Jeff to Hurd people Re: Problem on the Mailing List Archive research page ??? problems viewing website Processed: 'none' is not cool Processed: Email address update Processed: Re: Bug#100148: Over dependency on main server removed some users from the debwww group removed some users from the webwml group Romanian navbars Search page link Re: server list Shareware Software Registration Services Should I write debian-user-portuguese instead of debian-user? Sitemap not rebuild sites are down Slink's release notes in finnish Re: Subscribing problems Supported machines, cards, and architectures table order? Re: Transaction Translating "Debian Weekly News" Re: Translation coordinator for portuguese Untranslatable text in w.d.o/devel/people Update for security FAQ Updated webwml-stattrans. Updates to /etc/apache/srm.conf for content negotiation useless^H^H^H^ful feature request: favicon.ico Vendor pages (was: CVS webwml/english/distrib) Re: webwml failed Working with The Debian Project! page defaults to Chinese language translation The last update was on 08:57 GMT Mon Jun 17. There are 283 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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