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questions about security pages

In looking to implement the improvements discussed, I've come
across a few questions.

Is the <fixed> tag intended to be used anywhere? It is not used
anywhere in security.wml .

What is the list of new tags that should be defined? This list should
include all text that will commonly appear on pages. Here is the current
  Source   (or Source Package. Let's be consistent)
  Intel architecture
  Motorola 680x0 architecture
  Alpha architecture
  Arm architecture
  Hurd Port    (is that how we will refer to it?)
  Sparc architecture
  Sparc64 architecture

Should we use the longer architecture names above or simply short ones used
in the archive, e.g. mips and i386?

Note that most languages will not translate words like Intel. The whole
phrase is needed though, since many languages use different word order.

Jay Treacy

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