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Re: German WEB mirror

On 30-Oct-98 Martin Schulze wrote:
>> I would suggest to close the server (redirect to uk), until it is up to
>> date, 
>> otherwise peaple might have the impression, that nothing is going on any
>> more.
> *sigh*  There is some truth in it.  What do other think?
He's got a point.  It's like with project officers who disappear w/o a trace. 
There should be a time limit that if a mirror is that old, they get removed
from the list.  There's no reason they can't be set back up again if they get
thier mirror in order again....

As Nils is finding out, public image is very important.  Esp. as Linux is
hitting the main stream.  I havn't heard about anyone from Debian being
included in the goings on at the Linux Expo....

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