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Makefiles modified - translators should copy new files over

The Makefiles have been modified quite a bit. The are better organized
and a few minor dependency probs with the News section have been fixed.

Summary of changes:
 - many comments added to Makefiles to help translators
 - all global dependencies have been moved into Make.templ.inc
 - some items have been moved into Make.lang to make it easier to
   make global changes.
 - occurences of wml in the makefiles have been replaced with $(WML).
   WML is defined in Make.lang to make it easy to change the wml options.
 - <lang>/index.wml and News/index.wml depend on both News/1998/1998*.wml and
   ENGLISHDIR/News/1998/1998*.wml to make the main page update properly when new
   news is added. This dependency is needed so non-english pages update properly
   when there are both translated and non-translated news items.
 - I considered using a symlink for the current year in the News directory, but
   dropped it since there will need to be modifications to the Makefiles and
   a few index.wml anyway when the year changes.

I'm not happy that there will need to be a number of changes every new year,
but haven't come up with a good (hopefully simple) solution yet.

What should translators do:
Simply replace all the Makefiles with the ones from the english directory.
The only file that should be need any changes is Make.lang. Change the definition
of LANGUAGE and WML as needed.

Please report any problems asap so it can be fixed. I believe everything should
work correctly, but I'm exhausted so may have missed something.

Jay Treacy

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