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Re: needed changes to the Debian pages

At 01:48 -0400 1998-09-30, James A. Treacy wrote:
 For example the link to the installation instructions for x86 would be

That should be "i386", since that is the architecture string.

Additionally, we need to decide whether to use 'Open Source' or 'free software'
 and be consistent in the use. My feeling is that we go with 'Open Source'.
intro/about was written before 'Open Source' became all the rage so should be

<FLAME ON>I disagree, "open source" is, IMHO, simply an attempt to minimize the importance of freedom for the sake of marketing. And what would we do about the Debian Free Software Guidelines? To be consistent, we'd have to rename it. This is a topic for the policy list to discuss, IMHO.<FLAME OFF>

 Walnut Creek may sell Debian. Their web site needs to be checked.

They do, but not by itself, only as part of their "Linux OS, The Professional Edition", which is 14 CDs and several books. It sells for $149.95 US.

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