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Re: Packages' list: Features?

> >    - By maintainer ?
> This is already included in the people.html file, isn't it?
> >    - Link to developer personal homepage ?
> Afaik not needed as this is already done on the people.html page.

 I think that if we do all this, we should combine it with people.html. Each
maintainer name should be a link to a maintainer page. This page would list
the maintainer pakages (with links and descriptions) and, optionally,
maintainers personal info (photo?).

> >    - Alphabetical (all packages) ?
> Yes please.  This would make some search quite easy.


> On IRC many peope asking "Which package contains file xyz".  Maybe
> we could include another cgi-bin that looks up a particular file
> in the Contents file(s)?

 CGI should be avoided whenever posible. It can't be mirrored.
 In this case it would be better to have 1) a huge list with all filenames
or 2) a page per directory, listing all posible files that packages may
place (i.e.: http://www.debian.org/Packages/Files/usr/bin/ ===> "Index of
files in /usr/bin/" ).

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