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Urgent: Need help finding projects and mentors for Debian's participation in OPW (Outreach Program for Women)

Quick update, and a call for help, regarding Debian's participation in OPW.

Paul Tagliamonte and I have volunteered to co-coordinate Debian's
participation in OPW. [1]

It looks like we have fundraising in hand, but we have a very tight
(soft) deadline of Oct 1st to line up projects/mentors, if we wish to
attract the strongest applicants. Any project suggestions or mentor
volunteers would be greatly appreciated.

One note, like Debian, but unlike GSoC, participation is not limited
to software development tasks.

>From OPW wiki: "The internships offered are not limited to coding, but
include user experience design, graphic design, documentation, web
development, marketing, translation and other types of tasks needed to
sustain a FOSS project."

Please either reply to this list, or let paultag or myself know if you
have ideas for projects and/or are able to help out with mentoring.


[1] - https://wiki.debian.org/OutreachProgramForWomen
[2] - https://wiki.gnome.org/OutreachProgramForWomen

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