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Re: Debian participation into GNOME Outreach Program for Women


El dv 29 de 03 de 2013 a les 17:41 +0100, en/na Stefano Zacchiroli va
> On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 05:00:19PM +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> > TL;DR: we've been invited to participate into GNOME Outreach Program for
> > Women and I'd like to accept the invitation. To maximize impact, though,
> > we need mentors and topics to complement the current GSoC tasks.
> OK, so, thanks everyone for the feedback thus far, in particular to
> Karen and Marina for guidance and further thoughts on the synergies
> between OPW and GSoC.
> To go forward we now need (quickly!) a couple of things:
> 1) a coordinator for Debian participation into OPW
> 2) (optional) other internship topics to complement the GSoC idea list
> Francesca has proposed something for (2), but is waiting for feedback
> from the publicity/press team. Please follow up there if you're
> interested in those topics and/or if you are willing to volunteer as
> mentor for related topics.
> We are stuck on (1).
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Given how often we discuss how cool it would be to have more mentoring
> activities in Debian---and in particular more of such activities aimed
> at increasing women participation---I was hoping (and still am!) in some
> more feedback and volunteering.

I volunteer for (1). I'm very motivated on this topic but I'm aware that
I've never done a task like this inside Debian and, although it's not so
much work, I'd prefer if someone else could join me. Another reason is
that I'll be VAC for about 15 days during July but, above all, I think
it's funnier not to work alone. 

So... who wants to join me? I promise to be a nice co-worker ;-)

> Is anyone up to volunteer as coordinator for Debian participation into
> OPW? The task looks relatively easy: set up some nice landing page on
> the Debian wiki, similar to the GNOME one, with a pointer to the GSoC
> idea list and to a separate page where we will collect non-GSoC
> internship topic. It could be specific to this round of OPW, but I think
> it would be way more interesting to take this chance to actually have a
> more long-lasting list of such projects. Additionally, the coordinator
> will have to coordinate (sorry) with GSoC admins the applications at the
> border between the two initiatives.

Ok, if anybody is against I take this responsibility, I can do it, but
before, let me expose some thoughts & doubts:

* I understand that GSoC projects are those that are technical and
non-GSoc projects are the non-technical ones. But what happens if a
woman wants to apply for a technical project and she is not a student?
She could apply for OPW but not for GSoC, but all technical projects are
in GSoC list... I think Debian should have women everywhere, not only in
the non-techie side. How could we fix this?

* I don't completely understand how GSoC and OPW are combined. Do you
have more details about it?

* 5000$ is a lot of money. If this kind of positive discrimination
works, I think it's worth to do it but I would like to know if you feel
most Debian contributors agree with this. Note: I have no idea about the
current Debian finances status.

> If noone else volunteers for that, I will *consider* doing it myself,
> but I'd rather not --- mainly because the timeframe of this OPW round
> coincides with the DPL change of guard and I'd rather devote my Debian
> time to ensure a smooth transition than joining new activities.

If noone else wants to join me, could I count on you if I feel lost in
the way? :-)

> So, if you're interested in kickstarting a very valuable mentoring
> opportunity for Debian, please speak up, ... quickly :-), e.g. a couple
> of days.



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