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debcamp + reorganize Debian women wiki + newbie tasks


Next 6th July I'll be in Debcamp trying to do some work :) My first plan
for this day was to reorganize Debian Women wiki but, after talking with
Francesca, I added another task :) 

She talked me about creating a welcoming project with "newbie tasks" for
people that want to get involved in Debian but don't know where to
start. It's only an incipient idea and it was started by Penny last
Debconf but it'd be great if more people think about how we can do this.

So the plan for that day would be: reorganize Debian Women wiki + add a
page to do brainstorming for this "easy tasks" project. There, we'll add
some first ideas like promoting "gift" tag, collecting tasks in the
wiki, etc... You're invited to add more :)

Anyone who wants to join me/us (in person or virtually) is welcome! 


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