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Introduce myself, and spam cleaning effort

Hello, my name is Laura Arjona, I live in Madrid (Spain) and I am a Debian user.
(I don't know what else to say for introducing myself, feel free to ask).

I have been lurking for a while in several debian lists (via the web
archives) and now I want to get involved a bit.
I thought it was an easy and useful way to help cleaning spam.
I read the http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen/ListSpamCleaning
I reviewed the web archives for april 2012 but I did not find any spam message.
However, in the list of reviewers, it says "4 reports" by (I suppose)
4 reporters: bubulle robynh tassia monica
What should I do? Just adding myself to the list (I did nothing!) and
that's all?
Thank you very much

Laura Arjona
@larjona at identi.ca // @larjona99 at twitter

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