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Re: two sysadmin problems I can't solve three months after switching to Debian-KDE

Alison Chaiken wrote:
> Greetings all, in January I switched my main development desktop
> system and a new laptop to Debian-KDE after being a Fedora user since
> its inception.    I'm pretty happy with the change but have a couple
> of remaining problems.


> The programs run nightly by cron do not, however. This is not an
> aliases problem or a difficulty with postfix configuration since the
> CLI invocation works fine. I have RTFM'ed at length but simply cannot
> figure out how to get cron's subprocesses to use postfix. I have
> changed all invocations of sendmail to postfix in /etc/*.conf that I
> can find. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look?
> logrotate.conf needs to be changed?

Maybe you want to look at /etc/default/cron
Is it a logrotate issue or a whole cron issue?
Maybe you can install a crontab you know that fails (to generate errors)
and then look at the logs to further investigate what is happening.

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