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Re: Span cleaning effort (done!)

Quoting Tássia Camões (tassia@gmail.com):
> Hello!
> I'm happy to announce that with the help of some other contributors,
> we have manage to have all past months/years debian-women mailing list
> archives reviewed by 5 people.
> As I understand, next sunday the reported spams will be proccessed to
> be reviewed by DDs and soon finally removed from the archives.

The number of removed spams bumped from 194 to 251 today. Moreover, in
my incoming "to be reviewed" box, I had 35 more reported spams to
review (some of them were mikeusa hate messages), so we can expect
more removed spams next week.

Please notice that, apparently, we don't have enough DDs who process
reported spams as of now: we can see this by the number of reviewed
spams that are waiting (for instance, there are about 300+ reported
spams to review in -user).

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