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Re: Span cleaning effort: November 2011

Quoting Tássia Camões (tassia@gmail.com):

> Just some questions about the table for coordinating the job...
> It is not clear to me how we are expected to update "number of
> reports". Is it the number of people who have reported spams?
> shouldn't it be "number of reporters" per month?

The number is the number of people who have processed the said
month/year. It should indeed be equal to the number of names in the
next column

> Past years are not separated by month, may I assume that those people
> have checked all months for those years? Should we leave it like this
> or consider month by month?

I left this by year because it would have been a really long
list. Also, as the list doesn't have a very high traffic, it is quite
easy to process an entire year in a few dozens of minutes (maybe only
the first 2-3 years are a little bit longer because of their higher

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