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Re: the usual question


There is no silver bullet for equality, it is on-going hard work. :-)

The big issue is, as you say, cultural. Because of this foundation it
is hard to change
since it criticize how people are and that they have to change
personally. How to
perform this change? Probably by starting a discussion about feminism
and equality
and continue to have this discussion for all future!

Concrete things to do might be to decide upon a anti-harassment policy
for the conference
and publicly adhere to it.


Another thing that might be good is to have separatist workshops and
lectures for women.

Both of these above are implemented at FSCONS [0] this year. The
anti-harassment policy
is just common sense in my book. Even so it is progressive to be clear
about it so it gets
attention. There will be a workshop around Arduino for women only. I
hope both will play out
well. But they will not replace the on-going discussion about equality
and feminism which
was awoken and fueled by talks about equality, feminism, free
software, and technology..
The two previous years there has been at least on talk about equality,
feminism, free software,
and technology.


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