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Re: Minutes of the Debian-Women Website BoF


El dc 24 de 08 de 2011 a les 16:49 +0200, en/na Francesca Ciceri va
> > 2) In order to have a complete web presence at wiki.debian.org we will
> >    migrate the last remaining pages (Projects and Press) to the debian
> >    wiki. (I'd propose DebianWomenProjects and DebianWomenPress for these)

I created DebianWomen/Press (updated Press section) and 
DebianWomen/Projects/Mentoring (updated Mentoring program page)

> > 3) We'd also like to revive the talks page that some of the elders might
> >    still fondly remember. It's intended to give a list of Debian-Women
> >    related talks that have been or will be given. DebianWomenTalks might
> >    be a good place for that.
> This is a great idea: one of the most useful way to increase DW
> visibility is delivering talks about it and having a set of
> slides/presentations of past talks to customize could encourage more
> people to become a speaker ;)
> During DebConf the Debian Events people talked a little bit about
> creating a database of all Debian related talks: the idea is to have an
> archive in which people could search for title/author/year/topic.
> I don't know if we could simply merge the two things (i.e. adding in
> this db a specific "debian women, gender imbalance, $whatever" tag - wrt topic)
> and adding all DW-related talks in the db itself (instead of creating a
> specific page on wiki.d.o).
> My suggestion is, for now, to create the wiki page: this way we'll be able to
> add also talks not directly related to Debian but regarding women in
> free software in general.

Done! It is DebianWomen/Talks: empty for now, please add all the talks
you have ;-))

> > 5) We will put a relatively small and static site at women.debian.org
> >    which will only hold an about section, the profiles, contact
> >    information and a link to http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen for more
> >    timely information.
> > 
> > We are not yet sure how to maintain that static site. Our hope would be
> > that we can somehow use the Debian www infrastructure for that. The
> > benefit of this would be that in that case there would also be a working
> > translation infrastructure etc. It would naturally not be as collaborative
> > as the wiki, given that not everyone can edit it, but we thought since
> > there isn't much content there anyway and be biggest part of our work is
> > in the wiki that would be acceptable.
> > 
> > Francesca or other www people: Do you know if that is a possibility?
> Yep, definitely.
> I mean, not only I completely agree with the idea but it's also
> technically possible.
> We could simply create a specific directory under the webwml tree: some
> sub project - as various ports - are already present in www.d.o and they
> benefit of its infrastructure, which basically means uniformity of design, 
> regular checks for validity of the code and of URLs, site rebuilt 4 times
> a day, pages available for translation to debian-l10n-$language teams, a
> lot of mirrors, bugs regarding pages available via BTS.

I was tempted to completely update DebianWomen page (in fact, I only
updated and added some links), but I thinks it's better to wait for the
new static main site. 

Please, let us know when it is created. I think I can't help with this
because I'm not a DD ;-)


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