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Re: Knitters and Coders: separated at birth?

Meike Reichle @ 05/05/11 10:05:
> Amaya @ 15.04.2011 07:42:
>> I know several femal and male geeks that knit. Meike, let's turn this
>> into a Debcamp workshop :))) 
> I just did :)
> Let's see if we get it accepted.
> -Meike
> (It's a Deb*Conf* proposal though, I'll only be present during the last
> day of DebCamp, for lack of leave days. *sigh*)

Just a short heads up: I am leaving for DebConf today. The DebiYarn
workshop is still shown as undecided in penta and does no show up in the
program so I'll take this as a "rejected".

I'll still bring one or two extra sets of needles and some scrap yarn in
case anyone really wants to try his or her hands on some knitting but
there won't be a bit, organised event or anything.

If you haven't left yet, maybe you'd also like to pack some extra stuff so
we can improvise something if we want. If you are there already let's see
some KIP[0]! :)

Best, see you soon,

[0]: http://www.wwkipday.com/index.html

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