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new website: press section


I updated Press section in the new D-W website [0] but some links are
broken. I tried to find the information but I had not succes in some of
them. Here you have the broken links [1]. 

If someone knows where this info is, please send a message with the
right links (or push them directly to our new site  ;-) ) 

Moreover, I added some new links but I'm sure I missed a lot of new
ones. So, if someone has more links that fit in the Press section,
please send/push them.


[0] http://women.alioth.debian.org/ikiwiki/press/


* Debian Women: Geeks feministas em ação (Português):
http://mulheres.softwarelivre.org/news/3467 or

* Grupo do Debian incentiva mulheres desenvolvedoras (Português)
http://www.softwarelivre.org/news/3501 or
http://dotlinux.net/dotcms/modules.php?name=News&op=PrintArt&id=86 (I
think it's the same info but web encoding is wrong :-()

* Debian-Women (Deutsch)

* Amaya Rodrigo at People Behind Debian (English)

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