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ikiwiki git workflow

Hello everybody!

Debian Women Ikiwiki on alioth is finally ready to receive contributions ;-)

If you want to help with the website content migration, please
remember what was decided during last IRC meeting [1].
And follow the steps:

# Fetch the ikiwiki git repository (replace 'user' by your alioth username)
git clone ssh://user@git.debian.org/collab-maint/women.git

# Perform your changes ('file.mdwn' is just an example)
vim file.mdwn
git commit file.mdwn -m "commit msg"

# Push your changes to collab-maint:
git push

# Check your changes online

After each push ikiwiki will automatically generate the updated html
files, based on git content and template files.
If you didn't understand any the above steps, please speak up :-D

We still need to contact those women at the profiles section and ask
them to update their info (if they still want to be there), and also
get some new profiles to the section. Anybody willing to coordinate
this task?



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