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Minutes from the IRC meeting today


We had a very successful meeting today, where we spoke about many
things that might help getting Debian Women back on track.  Here's a
summary of what we talked.  Please feel free to contribute suggestions
and comments about any of the contents here.


We've become very silent, and silence tends to bring more silence.  We
want to make more "noise" in order to reach more people.  One way that
was mentioned is to have a "Bits from Debian Women" in the DPN.  I
think this is a good idea, I'm going to prepare the first one and
submit it to http://news.debian.net and to DPN, but volunteers are
accepted to keep up with them in the future.

I didn't mention it in the meeting, but I think we should also have a
Team page in the wiki: http://wiki.debian.org/TeamTemplate

Communication with other projects:

Biella promessed to try to get in touch with Emma J from Drupal,
asking her what has worked and what hasn't.

We had a number of women from the Ubuntu Women group in the meeting,
and we think it would be great if we could help each other out.  We
didn't reach any goals on this, just a general feeling that it would
be nice to work together.


Even though the project is not so visible, it stills receives
requests.  The project is currently coordinated by Runa and Erinn.
They would really appreciate some help,  though.  A woman working as a
mentoring coordinator needs to have good social skills and a lot of
patience, although not necessarily be a DD. **VOLUNTEERS SEEKED!**

Working as a group:

One of the things that helped the Debian Women group at the beginning,
was having something to work together as a group.  At that time it was
getting the website ready.  After it was ready, we lost a lot of
momentum.  Thus, we think that working as a group on some project
might help more women get involved.  3 different group-projects were
proposed during the meeting, all of them working towards the release:

A - Working on the release notes
B - Triaging the upgrade-reports (Steve Langasek volunteered as a
trainer/mentor for this one)
C - Fixing RC bugs

 If you have an idea of something that we might work on as a group,
and/or are willing to volunteer as a trainer/mentor for it, please
comment :).

Training sessions:

There was a general agreement that having training IRC sessions is a
good idea.  It would be nice to start a line of sessions, so that we
can have one per week or every other week, on different times
according to the trainer.  The sessions would be hold in
#debian-women, giving back more life to the channel.  In only a few
minutes we collected a list of possible subjects

I started a wiki page with the suggested subjects:
Feel free to add yourself as a trainer, or add subjects that you'd
like to get trained.  This should start in about 2 weeks, I think.


So, we would like to set some goals regarding getting more women into
Debian.  We need to word this so that it encourages more people to
join, and they do not become just a number.  So, the proposal is
something like this.

10 women that file their first bug by end 2010
10 women that fix their first bug by mid 2011
10 women that become maintainers by end 2011
10 women that have applied to become DD by end 2012



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