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Update on the debian-women wiki migration


The Debian-Women wiki merge into the Debian wiki (http://wiki.debian.org)
is almost finished now. There are still some tasks to do that welcome your
help, see http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen

Together with the content the users with some edits were also migrated,
duplicated users with the debian wiki were merged and for those without 
an existing known account, the accounts were copied over to wiki.debian.org.
If you have any problem with this or see something strange mail the wiki
admins to debian-www@lists.debian.org (public list)

Thanks a lot to Paul Wise and Frank Lin Piat from the wiki admins for their
help on the migration, and to Lesley Binks, Jonathan Niehof and Francesca
Ciceri for their help sorting out the wiki pages.


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