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RE: Why the Widening Gender Gap in Computer Science?

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Subject: Re: Why the Widening Gender Gap in Computer Science?

To get back on topic, does anyone think that CS-related careers are harder or easier, compared to other careers, to take a break from and actually get back into it?  As in: is it a career that fits well or badly with the types of disruption that parenthood often presents, for men or for women?  Maybe this is part of the reason why women are being turned off CS - the field changes so fast that you lose 6 months you might be in trouble...

I'd be interested to learn from the experiences of people who have taken a break from a career in CS and gotten back into it, or into something related.  How did it work for you?


Hello all!

When I had my children (between 1993 - 1997) here in Finland we had depression and it was hard to find job. So, first I did both; take care my children and work as a system administrator (actually, to my tasks belong secretary tasks... everything which keeps office running smoothly). But we, me and my husband, try to fit our timetables and usually it was my husband who stay at home. When my youngest child was born I kept full maternity leave (in Finland it is approximately 1 year). All that time I try to keep my skills up-to-date. So, finally we decided that it would be easier if my husband stays at home and I concentrate my work and studies. Sometimes it is very difficult because relatives and neighborhood create the pressure to be some kind of "super-mom" who can do everything (some people still thinks that I am lousy mom, because my husband does all housework). It is just that to be stay-at-home parent didn´t worked for me, but my husband like to be at home.


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