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So, James Troup and I finally finalized something we meant to do a year
ago and now http://women.debian.org is up.

Right now, Helen Faulkner, Amaya Rodrigo, and Margarita Manterola have
access to the site, which is hosted on spohr. You three will be getting
an email about getting access to the machine from James.

While this move doesn't affect checkouts and check-ins for
website-related things, we will probably be moving away from using baz
to something a little more user friendly (maybe bzr) and I will send an
update on how to access the site once the switch is made.

The wiki has been converted from pmwiki to moin. Some minor issues with

- The encoding /should/ work on all of the pages, but if you notice any
  problems feel free to correct them if you're able and inform me if
  you're not so that I can get them fixed.

- Our lovely DW theme from the previous wiki is gone (many thanks to Ana
  Guerrero for all of her hard work on that!) so if anyone wants to work
  on that, feel free to do so and let the list, me, Helen, Amaya, or
  Marga know so we can get it incorporated.

- There are some minor mark-up issues on the wiki still. I'll try to go
  through and fix some of them but if any of you see some you want to
  fix, the advice is the same as it is for encoding. :)

Feel free to direct any questions/comments at me.

And a huge thanks to James Troup for doing the wiki conversion and site

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