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Re: Science fiction?

On 5/23/05, fabienne s <fabienne@fabienne.us> wrote:
> i am a HUGE william gibson fan, also neal stephenson and i've been
> hooked on the new doctor who television series (bbc 2005 sundays).
> but i used to be sort of anti sci fi because it was associated (in my
> mind) with being overtly geeky.  but then i found gibson and since then,
> stephenson.  right now i'm reading my way through a lot of Richard Powers:
> plowing the dark (read)
> goldbug variations (just started)
> galatea 2.2 (ordered)
> powers' work is not really sci fi, but is fiction about technologists
> and researchers, many of whom are female characters.  i would say that
> in general, not couting my fanaticism about gibson and stephenson, i
> tend to read non sci fi fiction with lots of technology involved.
> ---fabienne

My first intro to SF/Fantasy was the book "A Wrinkle In Time" by
Madeleine L'Engle. Kewl story, great writing, stands up even to
re-reading as an adult even though it was ostensibly written for older
children and "young adults," (read: Teens.) and strong female
characters. (Meg, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which)

I then fell in love with The Lord Of The Rings. Around the same time,
the Star Trek Animated Series was in first-run on Saturday Mornings,
and that led me to check out the reruns of The Original Series. I got
totally addicted.

After that, I got into Michael Moorcock, John Brunner, Ursula LeGuin,
Philip K. Dick, Douglas Adams...the usual suspects.

Star Wars was big stuff for me too, and Episode I broke my heart. I
didn't see Episode II, but am going to see Episode III. I didn't see
the H2G2 movie because most reports say that it doesn't really stay
faithful to Adams' sense of humor.

I was also into paper-and-pencil-and-dice gaming. The original
Traveller rocked my world. The Traveller D20 system bites the bag
though, as does most D20 gaming systems. However, Big Eyes Small Mouth
Tri-Stat D6 is tempting me to get back into gaming. I object to too
much dice-rolling and not enough interactive storytelling. It might
not be a "realistic simulation" anymore, but hey, this is SF/Fantasy
RPG! It's not supposed to be realistic...it's fiction and fantasy!
Come on!

Yes, I am a geek grrl through and through. Guilty as charged, your hono(u)r.

Linux: the choice of a GNU generation. Now in several luscious CPU flavors!

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