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Hi! and my intro!


Hi my name is Liz and Im a Debian user...  =)

It?s the official Liz FAQ v1.1!

Why does this FAQ exist?
After wearing out my fingers typing list intros I decided to have a Liz FAQ!

What Volunteer stuff has liz done?
 I?ve been doing volunteer stuff with community colo for a while now on and off for a year or two. I was responsible for doing some of the initial monitoring setup and system configs. I have worked with *nix boxen for almost ten years. The first version of Linux I ever toyed with was Slackware. I cut my teeth on Solaris though. 

What *nix's do you speak?
AIX,VMS, Linux, Solaris, SCO(ewwwwww!)

Has Liz had any cool jobs? What has she done to earn money for new geek toys?
My last cool job was working for Andover.net and later VA Linux. Yes, I worked on Slashdot.org. I was the Sr. net engineer and also worked on the Unix side doing admin stuff (there are references to me on Slashdot in various places) Currently, I work for Intel in Portland Oregon. 

What does Liz do in her spare time? 
I spend time walking my dog. A Pomeranian named fluffy. I also enjoy working out, reading and debating gravitational theory with my boyfriend (PHD in particle physics) I generally can be found wherever there is coffee and free wifi! 

Does Liz have a boyfriend?
I do his name is Ron. He is really smart! He is a published particle Physicist. He loves Debian and coding! 

Who is this dog fluffy?
She is a stunt Pomeranian! My pet and a big advocate for Debian.

What can Liz do for us?
umm I make wicked yummy fried chicken.. oh and im good with Perl and just getting unix boxen to do what I want :) 

Does Liz have a server?
Yes, I do! It?s my baby. It?s a Sparc 5 running Openbsd (yes yes im moving it to debian ;).  

What does Liz listen to?
Music Duh! Anything without people shrieking. Primarily Abba =)

Does Liz blog?
I do! Currently I'm transistioning from LJ to Wordpress on unixgrrl.net Give me a day or so and ill have it back up.

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