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My adventures with the NM process, part 2:

Hi everyone,

I said I would keep you posted about how I go with becoming a New Maintainer. So, for those who are interested:

Here I am on the next stage of the New Maintainer Applicant List :)

That means that my sponsor kindly clicked the button to say that yes, he thinks I'm worthy. Thanks Ben! The sponsor has to write a paragraph about why you would make a good DD. Since Ben was kind enough to let me see what he wrote about me, I can tell you that he wrote a short comment about the skills, experience and attributes I have that make me suitable to become a DD.

Actually, the list of my relevant skills and experience really isn't very long at all, but I'm not going to worry about that, since my sponsor evidently thinks it is sufficient. OK, I'll admit to a couple of anxious emails about that on my part - the "do you really think I can do this?" thing. I'm not sure whether I should be offended or relieved that he "forgot" to say I can also program in fortran ;) Probably that's not something one should admit to in debian circles, but if there are any other physicists reading this they will know what I mean :)

So here I wait, for a month or two, as I understand it, until I get an Application Manager assigned to me. Then it will get more interesting.

In the meantime I am continuing my quest to learn the stuff I need to know to do this thing...


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