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Bug#654551: RFA: diffstat -- produces graph of changes introduced by a diff file

retitle 654551 ITA: diffstat -- produces graph of changes introduced
by a diff file
owner 654551 !

I use it a lot, I'll take it.


On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 08:49, Francois Marier <francois@debian.org> wrote:
> Package: wnpp
> Severity: normal
> I request an adopter for the diffstat package.
> The package description is:
>  This program is a simple filter that reads the output of the 'diff' program,
>  and produces a histogram of the total number of lines that were changed.
>  It is useful for scanning a patch file to see which files were changed.
> The package is in a good shape and upstream is still active but releases
> are fairly infrequent as the software is quite mature.
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