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Bug#599924: plowshare debian package

> I am currently finishing college tasks, and I've couldn't work on packaging
> Plowshare, I'll be free next week to continue the task.
> however, if anyone wants to help is welcome, in the repository [1] can be
> found the last version.
> Regards
> [1]: http://anonscm.debian.org/git/collab-maint/plowshare.git


Still interested in helping :)

At least megaupload does not work anymore, so a bump is probably

I agree with Jakub Wilk's suggestion to use another numbering scheme.
The "unofficial" packages use 1~YYYYMMDD-R, which is fine too.

If this is fine with you, I'll change the scheme and prepare a
snapshot version.

Have a nice day,

Etienne Millon

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