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Bug#654335: RFP: Icon Tasks -- Modified version of KDE 4.7 taskbar applet and taskmanager library.

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : Icon Tasks
  Version         : 0.9.2
  Upstream Author : Craig Drummond <http://kde-
apps.org/messages/?action=newmessage&username=CraigD> (requires kde-apps
* URL             : http://kde-
* License         : GPL
  Programming Lang: not sure
  Description     : Modified version of KDE 4.7 taskbar applet and taskmanager


1. Show only icons (no text) in taskbar.
2. When a launcher is activated, place the task\'s taskbar entry at the same
location as the launcher.
3. Tasks with no associated launcher, are placed after launcher tasks (unless
alphabetically sorted).
4. Always group tasks.
5. Only allow launchers for items with .desktop files
6. Add a dialog to manually set the association from a window to a .desktop
file - so that launcher can be created.
7. Add option to activate/iconify whole group when left button is pressed
(taken from SmoothTasks). If disabled, then present windows is used for the
8. Use oxygen \'+\' icon to indicate a collpased group.
9. Use middle button to launch new instance of a task.
10. Attempt to place start-up spinner over launcher/task.
11. Add option to always use the launcher icon for taskbar entry - even when
app is active. This works-around the issue where some applications (e.g.
LibreOffice) have a different launcher/menu icon than the actual app uses.
12. Workaround an issue with a tasks attention state.
13. More tasks shown in tooltips.
14. Close tasks via tooltips.
15. Show right-click menu for task in tooltips.
16. Option to show job progress over task icon.
17. DockManager API support
18. Media player buttons in tooltips
19. Unity API

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